Strengthen and Tone Your Feet and
Your Whole Body Benefits

Yamuna® Foot Fitness is essential for all ages and fitness levels. Designed by master teacher of body sustainability, Yamuna Zake, the program offers education, awareness, and training to strengthen the feet for general health and prevention.
Yamuna® Foot Fitness
A simple, easy to use treasure trove of foot work to strengthen and maintain strong, toned and flexible feet throughout your life.
Foot Wakers Kit

Improve the Most Common of Foot Problems.

Yamuna recommends that you start with the Foot Wakers to increase flexibility, range of motion and alignment. Your feet only require 5-10 minutes daily to keep them happy and healthy. The Kit includes the Foot Fitness DVD and Foot Wakers.

Available as a Kit or DVD

Foot Savers Kit

Offers advanced details on how to heal your own foot problems. Rebuild healthy foot function; improve gait, alignment, and muscle tone; increase range of motion, and stimulate and elongate the muscles of the calves, thighs, hips, and lower back.

The Kit includes YBR Foot Fitness DVD and pair of Foot Savers.

Available as a Kit or DVD

Save Your Ankles Kit

Provides you with exercises to increase the strength, tone and flexibility of your ankles. You will feel fluid movement from your feet all the way up through your legs and torso. After doing these routines several times you will start to feel the bounce back in your step.


The Kit comes with the Yamuna Save Your Ankles DVD, Yamuna Black & Gold Balls, a pump and Yamuna Foot Savers.


Available as a Kit or DVD

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How to build a foundation that supports you.

Who needs Yamuna® Foot Fitness?
The beauty of Yamuna® Foot Fitness is that it can be modified to your own abilities and tolerance; including being done sitting or standing.
Foot Conditions
Only a small percentage of people are actually born with foot problems! These problems come about from a lack of foot education, awareness, and training.
Flat Feet
Plantar Fasciitis

Morton’s Neuroma

Increase Flexibility
Improve Gait & Alignment
Proper Foot Function
Anyone who plays hard
Whether you’re a dancer, athlete or just love to stroll the neighborhood, Yamuna Foot Fitness is an essential tool to strengthen and maintain toned feet throughout your life.
The Elderly
Foot problems in the elderly are extremely common. They cause major pain and disability, resulting in a loss of mobility and independence.
You need to care for the feet like the rest of your body. Make them strong and healthy to last you a lifetime, and keep you on the go, always.
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Benefits of Yamuna® Foot Fitness

Offering a range of benefits for the feet and as well as the entire body.
Range of Motion
Enables people to develop greater range of motion, not only in the feet but through the rest of the body.
Joint Improvement
Release impact in the feet, creating greater ease of movement in the joints above.
General Health Signs
Arthritis, diabetes, nerve and circulatory problems often show their initial symptoms in the feet.
Bone Quality
Stimulates bones to improve bone quality.
Nervous System
Stimulates and relaxes the nervous system.
Alignment & Awareness
Improves alignment throughout the body and increased body awareness.
Who is Yamuna Zake?
Yamuna Zake is a master teacher of body sustainability.
Yamuna’s hands-on work in Yamuna® Body Logic evolved into a global brand dedicated to empowering people with education and tools for improving every part of the body.
There are over 800 certified Yamuna® Practitioners worldwide and over 3,000 people have attended Yamuna’s professional trainings.
  • source of education for teachers, therapists, and fitness instructors interested in expanding their knowledge in Body Sustainability

  • offers a curriculum of exercises, and a proprietary line of body sustainability products

  • produces an exclusive line of beauty blends and therapeutic remedies that are great for sale at luxury spas and boutiques
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